Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rebuilding Together Tool Library Loans Free Garden Tools for Community Gardens, etc.

Beth at First Link solved our impending wheelbarrow shortage by directing me to Rebuilding Together’s new Tool Library just north of Bexley at 2771 East 4th Avenue (on the corner of Fourth and Morris) off North Cassady Avenue. They can be reached at 258-6392. They have hundreds of tools to loan, including garden rakes, shovels, ladders, and rototillers (for those aspiring gardeners who are stumped about how to till their land without breaking the bank). Most tools may be borrowed for a week, but tillers are only loaned for one day.

Rebuilding Together has only had this tool library for about one month (having inherited it from the City of Columbus). There will be a kick off grand opening in May.

Borrowers must provide a drivers license and address. If the work will be done at a leased address, the landlord must also sign off on your borrowing the tool.

The best part: borrowing the tools is free! They are also very friendly and very helpful. Some of them are community gardeners, too.

I was going to borrow two wheelbarrows, but a lot of other community gardeners beat me to the punch today and there was only one left by the time I got there. Note to self: Call ahead:)

The hours of the tool library are 9-11 and 1-3 Monday through Thursday.

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