Saturday, April 18, 2009

Look How Much We Got Done In One Day at SACG

Today was the big day to set out the Garden (i.e., to dig out the construction debris (of which there was a lot, but less than I feared)), to set out the paths, to spread the pine mulch and the earthy leaf compost and to put up the fence. Bill G. made sure to till the lot when I was unavailable to watch or take pictures last night. Dwain (the Rock Star) really came through on Friday (when we had to move most of the mulch pile) and today (in digging out the big and deep construction debris). We had new friends show up today to help dig out and sign up for the Garden. Frank and Barbara really helped out a lot with spreading, lending tools and chopping down the weed tree. Kids showed up from all directions to dig, shovel and spread. When it was all over, Mitch, Mike, Rayna and I went back to my house for well-deserved cocktails.

If it's not raining, we will meet tomorrow (i.e., Sunday) at 1:30 to finish the rest of the spreading and to hang the rest of the fence. What we don't finish before the rain comes, we will finish on Saturday, April 24 at 11:00 a.m.

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