Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Christ The King Church Has Community Garden on Livingston Avenue near Bexley

Now in its third season, Christ the King Church has a community garden near Bexley at 2777 East Livingston Avenue largely dedicated to supplying its St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. Although three beds have been reserved for individual neighbors (who also share in garden maintenance), and a nearby school gardens two beds, the remainder of the 22 garden beds are maintained by a church gardening team. This Garden Was Selected as the Outstanding Community Garden in Central Ohio for 2008 by the Growing To Green Program in September 2008.

Individuals interested in reserving a garden bed need to contact Marjorie at 237-0720 in the Fall.

Dills Nursery is also supporting the St. Vincent De Paul food pantry this season with its own large vegetable garden at its HQ (between Groveport and Canal Winchester).

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