Friday, April 24, 2009

Buckeye Yard & Garden Online newsletter

The Columbus Community Garden site (linked on the right side of this site) had a good tip for area gardeners. A resource you should all know about is the Buckeye Yard and Garden on-Line newsletter, which is published weekly from April to October, and provides information about Ohio growing conditions, pest, disease, and cultural problems. BYGL is developed from a Tuesday morning conference call of Extension Educators, Specialists, and other contributors in Ohio. From my perspective, it gives information about soil temperature, etc.
BYGL offers:

• Weatherwatch

• Hort Shorts

• BugBytes

• Disease Digest

• Turf Tips

• Industry Insights

• Coming Attractions

• Byglosophy

Check it out online at: BYGL is available via email. To subscribe, contact Cheryl Fischnich at Additional Factsheet information on any of these articles may be found through the OSU fact sheet database

BYGL is a service of OSU Extension and is aided by major support from the ONLA (Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association) ; to the OSU Extension Nursery, Landscape and Turf Team (ENLTT).

BYGL is available online at:, a web site sponsored by the Ohio State University Department of Horticulture and Crop Sciences (HCS) as part of the "Horticulture in Virtual Perspective." The online version of BYGL has images associated with the articles and links to additional information.

In This Issue:
HORT SHORTS: GDD (Growing Degree Days); Crabapples: Boom or Bust?; Vegetable Gardening 101; and Plants of the Week - Perennial of the Week (Spring Bulbs), Woody Plant of the Week (Pawpaw), The Weekly Weed (Lesser Celandine)
GREEN SHORTS: Lady Beetle Chronicles; The Cincinnati Area Professional Green Infrastructure Network (CAPGIN); and Hamilton County Extension and Collaborators Win Conservation Award at The Cincinnti Flower Show.
BUGBYTES: Sawfly Leafminers Fly; The Two Faces of Pine Bark Adelgids; Safari Saves Sensitive Situations; Bees in Walls; and Flea Weevils Return
DISEASE DIGEST: Silver-oddo on Tree Bark and Meltdown in Pachytown (Volutella Leaf blight)
TURF TIPS: Fairy Rings Not Celestial Beings!; Keeping it on the Level; The Invasion of Dandelions Has Begun; and Winter Pests Still Active.
INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Making New Plants: International Plant Propagator Society Meeting in Cleveland in October and Biz Buzz - "Stranger in a Strange Land."
COMING ATTRACTIONS: Wood Packing Materials Workshops; Plant Diagnostic Academy (PDA); and OSU Arbor Day Event to Honor Veterans.

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