Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stoddart Garden's Thorny and Edible Fence Has Been Born

Last week, I was delighted when Rayna showed up with about 20 rasberry bush seedlings from her parents' farm and promptly began putting them in the ground on the south side of the Garden's fence. I loved black and red rasberries when I was growing up. She and her mother dug them out of the woods near her parents' farm and some had longer roots than others. Rayna indicated that she might be able to bring even more bushes when they find the time to dig them up. Although we might not get any fruit this year, the bushes which survive should give us berries next year. In addition, the bushes will spread and create an extremely effective barrier to any vandals, etc.

Since this has been a very dry week, the bushes will need extra TLC from the gardeners and I'd appreciate gardeners taking the time to also water in the bushes along with their own vegetables. Right now, the bushes just look like weeds to the untrained eye, and I've already seen one visitor just step right on top of a baby bush and didn't believe me when I explained it was a rasberry bush.

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