Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stoddart Avenue Community Garden's First Compost Bin

After working some more this morning on the raised bed "turrets" for the north side pumpkin patch, I turned to building our first compost bin on the northwest corner of our lot. I received help from neighborhood cousins, Prince and Jamal (pictured), in sawing the boards down to size. (The lumber had been previously donated by Trudeau Fence Company and Bowden Fence Company). My battery died as I began drilling holes in the corners (through which I will run rebars to hold the bin together), so the bin will fall apart quickly if anyone bumps into it. However, it's a start!

I'll probably use a different style for the second bin simply to give the neighbors an idea of their options (and to use what's left of the chicken wire I'll be buying to connect the gates to the fence).

We've already begun using our new compost bin by putting grass clippings into it.

Hard work has its rewards. Ms. Anthony -- from Build a Bridge of Ohio, Inc. -- saw us working hard in the hot sun and shared with us some fabulous BBQ chicken, hotdogs, beans, green beans, potato salad and sodas which she and her volunteeers had made for the Cookout they were holding for their clients. THANKS Ms. Anthony.

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