Monday, May 11, 2009

Girl Scouts Scare Crows at Stoddart Avenue Community Garden With Herb Family Scare Crows.

On Saturday, the Stoddart Avenue Community Garden welcomed a new family: the Herb Family (i.e., Rose, Rosemary and Basil). Without any prompting or invitation, Girl Scout Troop # 1661 constructed the life-sized Herb Family of Scarecrows. The Herbs are likely to scare both human and bird visitors due to their large size. We hope that they will also deter a nearby family of groundhogs. Despite their size, the Herb Family is very well dressed and well stuffed (with straw).

Gardener Dwain was on hand to construct the Herb Family’s new guard stations at the SACG. Herb welcomes all visitors through the front entrance, while Rosemary protects the south beds and Rose protects the north beds.

While the local birds may not be too thrilled with the Herb Family, the SACG thanks Girl Scout Troop #1661 for their thoughtfulness and creativity.

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