Friday, April 3, 2009

A Short Story of Tomato and Fence Stakes

Stoddart Garden has been triply blessed this week. Trudeau’s Fence Company near Hilliard called and reported that they had lumber to donate which we could turn into fence and tomoto stakes, etc. When I picked it up, there was way too much to fit into the back of my little VW Jetta. However, what cedar lumber I brought back smelled very good.

Then Bowden Fence Company on the southside agreed to also donate some lumber which we could convert into tomato and fence stakes and I rushed over and filled my Jetta again.

Then, the next day, while walking off too much dinner, I ran into Jim Z and, after only minimal begging, he agreed to cut down the donated lumber with his table saw. I dropped off the lumber the next morning and when I returned later in the afternoon to pick up the stakes, he shooed me away because he insisted on putting points on the stakes as well as bundling them up. Of course, this way exceeded my expectations.

Here’s a picture of the 20 bundles of fence and tomato stakes we now have for the Stoddart Garden. (That’s also a picture of the famous Priscilla’s Pride rain barrel which I purchased last year from Rain Brothers at a substantial discount through the Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed).

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