Monday, April 27, 2009

Seeds in the Ground at Stoddart Avenue Community Garden

We had a productive weekend on Stoddart Avenue. Bill valiently re-tilled the garden, and unearthed even more construction debris in the process. On Saturday morning, a few volunteers (including Dwain, Jeannie, Alysha, Mike & Beth) reinforced the fence, spread compost around the fence perimeter, dug out flower beds in front of the fence and constructed platforms for the rain barrels (to be installed on Friday) from the construction debris we unearthed from the lot and a few extra cinder blocks.

We also marked off the garden plots and have started planting in our individual plots.

I've included pictures of our rain barrel platforms and a rear view of the Garden (from the west side).

None of this would have been possible without
  • Dwain and the neighborhood kids digging out the embedded debris;

  • Rayna and Jeannie installing the fences and Mitch and Mike pounding them in;

  • Mike, Frank and Mitch filling wheelbarrows with mulch and compost;

  • Jeannie, the neighborhood kids, Betty, Cassandra, & Barbara spreading the compost and mulch;

  • Rayna helping me to measure and mark out the paths and to keep the kids sugared up;

  • Frank and Mitch chopping down the weed tree, and

  • Frank and Barbara loaning us tools, including a wheel barrow and a light-weight "chick" pick so that Dwight could dig out debris.

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