Thursday, March 5, 2009

Contemplation of Seeds and Water

Oh Joy! Today the mailman brought me two parcels which contained seeds for this year's garden. I also have lots of seeds leftover from last year. I don't think that I could use all of these seeds even if I planted the entire Garden plot all by myself, so I hope that other people will want to take many of these seeds off my hands (like zucchini, pimento peppers, silver queen sweet corn and green beans). No charge (but feel free to share with me any extra seeds that you have). I also received a lot of tomato seeds in the mail last week. Gardener Alysha is doing her level best to keep me from starting my indoor seeds too early. She doesn't plan to start hers until April 1, but I'll probably start mine a week or so before that. I am also trying to resist the temptation to buy a portable greenhouse from Lowes.

A number of people have expressed concern about gardening with us when they might have to bring their own water from home. As I mention at the bottom of this website, I pretty much did this last year and it was not as inconvenient as it sounds. In any event, we have received a small grant, so we will be able to have FOUR rain barrels on the Garden site. If we get even luckier, one of the neighbors might let us hook the barrels up to their downspout and fill up with the roof rain water which would otherwise drain into a storm sewer. I also have yet another rain barrel for my own plot (which I will fill throughout the Spring and Summer with rain water that I will collect from the three rain barrels already connected to my own house and garage downspouts), so these barrels should go a long way to satisfying our water needs and cut down on any need to bring water from home. However, once the barrels are emptied, you'll have to bring water from home until it rains enough again to fill them back up:)

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