Monday, March 16, 2009

City Land Re-Development Program Helped Create Stoddart Avenue Community Garden

Oh joy. The crocus flowers in my backyard are in bloom and I saw baby turtles sunning on logs in Alum Creek while I was biking. Spring is coming soon! I even planted garlic bulbs on Sunday (and have some left for Stoddart gardeners if you contact me).

We came to be gardening on Stoddart Avenue because of the City of Columbus’ program to lease vacant lots for $1.00 for community garden and beautification projects. Lots available for lease are listed on the website of the City’s Land Redevelopment Department at Lessees cannot make any permanent improvements to the property and cannot make any alterations or improvements to the premises without the City’s written consent (including creating raised beds with railroad ties or any other wood treated with petroleum products). Interested folks who want to create their own community garden should call Dan Headapohl at 645-6430 about how to get started (after you pick a lot from the website). Dan might even have suggestions for you about good locations.

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