Saturday, June 9, 2012

Franklin Park Area Block Watch Demonstrates Flower Power

I've received a number of comments recently about the pretty flower beds in the lot across the street from the SACG.  No, they are not part of the SACG, although we are glad they are there.  Those flower beds are one of the projects of the Franklin Park Area Neighborhood Block Watch.    However, volunteerism being what it is during this hot summer, they have been landscaped, planted, watered and tended almost exclusively by Barb and Frank Carter -- two SACG gardeners.
I am more of an English cottage gardener myself, but Barb likes things more structured.  As reported here last year, the first bed was designed and planted along East Main Street.  Barb and Frank initially planned to plant another two or three beds this year along Stoddart like the one along East Main Street.  I obtained -- through the City-County community garden grant this year -- many, many bags of mulch for this project.   However, as faithful readers may recall from my description of Kelly and me planting cherry trees, there is nothing but gravel aggregate one inch below the soil. When Barb and Frank discovered this, they briefly despaired.   Luckily, a friend of Frank's from OSU Hospitals (where he works) was re-landscaping his yard and donated a large number of landscaping stones with which to make a raised flower bed.

Barb and Frank have worked tirelessly measuring, laying stone, filling with soil, planting flowers and watering to bring this project to fruition.  As you may know (and will hear more about here later), we are having a drought and have only received 1/2 inch of rain in the past five weeks.  Always a man with a plan, Frank tied a rain barrel onto the back of this truck and drives it down to this lot so that Barb can water her new flowers.

Many, many people comment about the flowers and they always give me the credit.  Newsflash:  I had nothing to do with it (other than sending positive thoughts and stopping by occasionally to lend moral support).   That being said, I know that Barb and Frank would appreciate help watering the flowers and mowing the lawn if anyone would pitch in to help.  

We've talked about putting one of the SACG rain barrels near these flower beds if the autobody store will let us hang a gutter from their building (to catch rain off the roof to the painting shop), but I've heard nothing further . . ..   Since the SACG currently has two cherry trees on that lot and will this Fall have two peach trees, I think it makes sense to have a closer watering source.

P.S.  Barb and Frank are also taking care of the new tree in the median by the sidewalk along this lot . . . . .

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