Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Few and the Mighty

Yesterday, the Stoddart Avenue Community Garden had its first dry Saturday in a month. We put the time to good use, even though only a few of our hardy volunteers showed up. Wright's Tree Service donated and delivered (as it has for the last three years) about 20 cubic yards of wood chips. Then, Beth, Mike, Charlie and I used shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows to spread them along the paths, around the fence lines and around the raised beds until there were no more chips left. This is hard work. Luckily, the weather was very pleasant and not too hot.

Afterwards, Charlie and Tom tilted the shed so that the gutter would drain better into the rain barrel. Then we created a tent area between compost bin to make a dry place to store our tomato stakes. (Bless Build a Bridge of Ohio, Org. for dumping grass clippings in our compost bin!). Finally, Tom and I picked up and delivered our last rain barrel from my house to the west side of BTBO.

Lynda from Growing Hands & Hearts Community Garden on Oak Street stopped by for some seeds. We also had some visitors stop by asking for spinach and tomatoes (even though nothing is growing quite yet).

Meanwhile, we have sold all but seven strawberry pots. So, it's not too late to get an extra pot if you want one . . . . . J

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