Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earth Day 2014: The Few and the Mighty

This morning’s brief rain shower apparently discouraged most of our volunteers.  However, several intrepid gardeners worked steadily all morning at the Stoddart Avenue Community Garden as we celebrated Earth Day.  Of course, the sun came out after about an hour and it turned into a beautiful day.

Susan and Sabrina spent the morning weeding our strawberry patch (for the first time since opening day 2011).  We actually need to thin our patch as well, but I hate to pitch the plants and don’t have time to organize a fundraiser (like we did with our extra strawberry  seedlings in 2011).  So, if there is anyone out there who wants to buy some inexpensive strawberry plants or if you are a community garden that wants to start your own strawberry patch, please contact me asap so that I can hook you up with seedlings.  They like lots of sun and good soil (and, of course, straw).

Tom was really the hero of the day.  First, he carried to Mary’s plot several bags of top soil plot that had been donated by Ohio Mulch.  Next, he carried and spread bags of mulch (again donated by Ohio Mulch) around our peach and cherry trees.  Then, he weeded our food pantry plot and dug a trench for the potatoes.   But he wasn’t done.  He and Zephyr then picked up litter between the Garden and Main Street and in the Block Watch plot across the street.

Mari came to tend her plot.  Neal then came and weeded Celess’ plot and let the girls water their sprouting lettuce and spinach.  Frank and Barb worked earlier in the week and mowed our lawn.   I planted and transplanted flowers, weeded our flower beds and the neighbor plot, transplanted raspberries and daisies, watered in the flowers, planted cabbage, kale, broccoli, and endive in the neighbor bed, took my sick cat to the vet in Upper Arlington, dropped off a birthday card for my niece in Dublin, planted potatoes, greens, kale, cabbage and beets in the food pantry plot, planted some lettuce and herbs in my plot, weeded the blueberry bushes and watered everything in.

Before we left at noon, I distributed goodies provided to us Green Columbus.  Sadly, about 14 bags of the top soil donated to us on Good Friday by Ohio Mulch disappeared (aka were stolen).  I had hoped to use them to top off our raised beds to decrease their rapid evaporation. 

Some of the girls came by in the afternoon, but I was too busy to be entertaining and they quickly left.  They really want the combination to our shed, but that’s never going to happen.  They never remember to return their tools to the shed, so I can’t rely on them to remember to lock it when they are done for the day.

A number of gardeners intend to plant tomorrow before our week-long rain showers begin.   I may have to return, too  .  . . .
Our cherry trees are in full bloom as are the tulips in our garden and the Block Watch lot across the street.

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