Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DeMonye's Half Price Sale In Time For Second Sesaon Crops

As I began to consider planting second season crops (like cabbage, beans and winter squash) as my lettuce and peas die back and my zucchini will undoubtedly collapse on its own weight, I called around to Lowe's, Dill's and DeMonye's to see what was still available. Only DeMonye's still had cabbage seedlings, so I wondered over there this afternoon. ALL PLANTS -- including hanging pots and perennials -- ARE 50% OFF. There are GIANT FERNS for only $5.00. Really.

I found vegetable seedlings of all kinds available for less than $1.00. This included a wide variety of peppers, cabbage, greens, squash, etc. Nice-sized herbs -- like Rosemary -- for $2.00 per pot.

If your garden plot is beginning to look a little worse for wear, consider starting your second season -- or fall crops -- now. You can plant more spinach and lettuce at the end of August:)

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