Thursday, November 7, 2013

Be There or Be Square for SACG's Closing Day on Saturday

2012 Closing Day
Remember how concerned I was about the weather forecast for our closing day on Saturday?  As always, no worries.  The forecast changed the next day and now we are only looking forward to blue skies and sunshine.  It will also be much warmer than today.  This is also when we give the awards for tidiest plot and volunteer of the year.

Halloween Damage
Last week, I discovered to my horror that Halloween's storm knocked some branches out of the black walnut tree above the rain cistern we have borrowed from the City and those fallen branches broke the spicket on the cistern (emptying it in the process).   When I notified the Tool Library on Monday, they assured me that they had funds in their grant to repair it -- which will be done by Rain Brothers.  Yea!

This Saturday, we have a full agenda for those of you who want to get your last piece of gardening in before it snows next week:

·        Disconnecting the smaller rain cistern from the downspout;
2011 Closing Crew

·        Pruning the black raspberry bushes;

·        Transplanting black raspberry bushes to the empty places along the exterior fence;

·        Pruning our rose bushes;

 ·        Pruning our four flower beds;

·        Mowing the lawn;
·        Tidying up the shed and cleaning off the tools;

·        Stacking and covering with a tarp our tomato stakes and cages;

2010 Closing Crew
·        Harvesting Fall produce for the food pantry/Faith Mission;

·        Picking up litter and emptying the trash cans;

·        Turning the compost/garden waste in our compost bins;
  • Staining/weatherizing a bench; 
·        Cleaning out the neighbor plots; and

·        Cleaning out the raised garden beds.
2009 Closing Day Crew
I picked up lots of tools and trash bags (donated by Home Depot) from the Tool Library. 
We need lots of help.  The morning crew will start at 9:30 and hopefully finish by lunch, when we are anticipating a crew of teenagers to help us finish up the rest of the work by 3 p.m.  (by which time I will be ready to collapse).  I'll be bringing  apple cider and donuts.
Be there or be square!

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