Saturday, September 25, 2010

On September 15, Franklin Park Conservatory held its fourth and final (for this season) gardening workshop at the Stoddart Avenue Community Garden. We focused on extending the gardening season after frost and putting the garden to bed. First, we discussed composting our garden waste. Then, we talked about bringing some plants indoors to continue them into the winter. Leslie explained that we could pinch off part of a basil plant, put it in potting soil and it would develop roots and continue to grow inside our warm homes after the chilly nights have finished off our regular plants. We then each got to plant a clipping of basil into a pot she brought for us. She also encouraged us to bring in small pepper plants.

Charlie brought his neighbor Louise who explained to us that sweet potatoes take six months to mature and we could start plants for next year by cutting off clippings, putting them in dirt (in a large container) and keeping them well lit inside.

Jenni's Ice Cream donated empty ice cream containers to be used to pot cuttings and to bring pots indoors. I put some extra in the shed.

We also got to taste a variety of raw and roasted vegetables.

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