Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Huck Smooty, Weeding and Buttered Squash . . . . Oh My!

Tonight was a very busy night at the SACG, but I didn't have my camera to prove it. Brianna greeted me at the gate and wanted to get busy weeding her new plot and planting seeds. Weeding comes first per the harsh Garden Manager (although I did help her weed a bit and pound in the tomato stakes blown over in last weekend's storm and tie up overgrown tomatoes). Rayna was there pruning her impressive bird-house gourd plant (which has pretty much taken over the entire western fence of the Garden). We're still waiting for a gourd to make it past the two-inch phase (so please share any suggestions). Nykelle was there with Danielle and their brother. I had several giant squash in my plot (which were NOT there on Monday morning), so I gave her one. (I've got five more in my fridge that I'm behind in cooking). She had never eaten squash and asked me how to cook it. I suggested that she slice it, and fry it up in butter or oil. About 30 minutes later she returned to tell me that she made it for her dinner and loved it fried in butter. (Wasn't that thoughtful of her to come back and tell me). As you may recall from last year, one of my favorite way to cook zucchini and squash is to slice it, marinate it and grill it. It freezes well this way, too.

As you may recall from last week, the FPC Women's Board visited. Ms. Pepper wanted to come back to share her "huck smooty" with the kids. I've never heard of such a thing and was both a little intrigued and dubious. I was glad that she did not get there before me. She makes a smoothie concoction with fruit and vegetables (with some herbs thrown it for a nice kick). It had banana, watermelon, greens, etc. It's yellowish green. She helped us make home-made cups out of 8x11 pieces of paper and poured the smooty into the cups. Believe it or not, it was a huge hit with the kids, Rayna and me. AND very nutritious. We drew quite a crowd of neighborhood kids. I don't think we've had so many kids there since our last work day.

LaKeisha and Sedricka came over to take over an abandoned plot, weed and tie up tomatoes (wearing much too much nice shoes). The Garden Manager wears her oldest and rattiest clothes to the Garden because I always leave there covered in dirt;-)

Bless Jeff's heart. He missed the smooty, but he was there tonight to mow the grass. Gotta love that.

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