Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weed Dating is the New Speed Dating and Brings Volunteers

This morning, while reading my morning news, I came across an article on the NBC website that cracked me up, but could be useful to community gardens (particularly communal gardens).  A few farms have recruited volunteers to help them weed by turning them into "weed dating" events.   The ladies are assigned to a row or "bed" and taught how to tell the difference between a weed and, say, beans or lettuce.   Then, the men are rotated among the beds and rows every so many minutes to weed with the different ladies so that everyone eventually gets to meet everyone else (of the opposite sex).  

This is a benefit to the weed daters because they already have something in common with their fellow weeders or they wouldn't be there.  They also already have at least one topic of conversation because the lady has to communicate information about the plants and the weeds.  Granted, not everyone will be in the desired age range, but then you get to widen your circle of acquaintances.

Shy folks are provided with the opportunity to leave a note in a mason jar for other daters if they are too shy to communicate directly about an interest in meeting elsewhere for a less dirty activity.

So, go forth and organize your next weed dating event at your church garden.

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