Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Revisiting the Bexley Community Garden

A few weeks ago, I accepted an invitation to revisit the Bexley Community Garden, where I also used to garden a few years ago. It is much larger now and they have a large shed to store supplies. They seemed to have solved their soil fertility problem from 2009. Barb, Diane, Trae and Willie were there to share all of the low-down news and problems. It was surprising that the BCG is having more problems with produce thefts than we do (probably because we at least have locks on our gates). However, I encouraged them not to blame the significant number of sunflowers for giving shelter to thieves; they are such friendly flowers . . ..

Barb has done a fantastic job of creating a front flower bed between the street and the garden. I was jealous of the stone edging (which was donated by one of her neighbors who was replacing a sidewalk).

Diane, Barb and Trae will always have a soft place in my heart. After the first of our murders in August 2010, I didn’t think that anyone would still come to our evening gardening seminars (let alone join the SACG). However, Barb, Diana and Trae were each there the following week (and most of the following weeks as well). Barb even came to volunteer in April.

Trae has become a visible leader at the BCG. Her plots are not just functional, they are beautiful as well. She is not satisfied just growing food; she plans to do it with style and sets the tone for everyone else. A few other BCG gardeners also make an effort to dress up their plots with design. At the SACG, only Betty seems interested in putting some personality into her plot (by adding flags, etc.).

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