Monday, October 18, 2010

SACG Harvest Celebration Brings Tidings for Next Year

On Saturday, the Stoddart Avenue Community Garden held its first (hopefully annual) harvest celebration in the early afternoon. Jeff and Mari organized the event, which brought several regular gardeners, some new neighborhood children and some potential new gardeners. Mari's husband John helped her set up. We had donuts, punch, carrots, freshly harvested cherry tomatoes and dips. Betty used the opportunity to do some weeding in her plot (as did I). Rayna has started harvesting and drying gourds. Jeff brought his daughter and some new neighborhood kids stopped by for refreshments (which is good because every single youth who helped us in April has already moved away). We were joined by a neighbor from Seymour Avenue who wants to garden with us next year. Frank and Barb missed the event because of a feline emergency, but stopped by afterwards. Beth and Mike were kept away at the last minute by a fender bender on I-71 (those pesky drivers on their cell phone who failed to maintain assured clear distance behind Beth can be thanked for that). Another neighbor stopped by afterward to inquire about joining us next year (now that we've shown we have a freakishly productive garden for the last two years).

We swapped gardening stories and how we found our individual way to the SACG. At the end, Jeff and Mari presented me with a plaque. Wasn't that sweet?!

Afterwards, I began pulling tomato vines out of my own plot (because it will be too cool for tomatoes to properly ripen), eggplant vines harvested a crate of peppers (all of which are very small because of our drought).

Mark your calendars. We'll be cleaning out the garden and spreading compost on Saturday, November 13 beginning at 10 a.m. There will be refreshments and we'll be done by 1 or 2.

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