Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ABC News Runs Story About Community Gardening Hero Will Allen

Last night, ABC News ran a very short story about Will Allen, the Executive Director of Growing Power, an urban farm non-profit in Wisconsin. You’ll notice that I have a link to Growing Power’s website on this blog because I think that what he is doing up north is terribly exciting and could be replicated – in one form or another – here in Columbus. My friend Mary from Louisville has seen him speak and told me about him. She’s also a big fan.

There are two recent New York Times articles about Allen and Growing Power: Urban Farmer and Street Farmer.

SACG Neighbors may recall Will Allen from the March 2010 edition of the SACG Grapevine which had the following article:

Composting Is For Geniuses

What would a SACG Grapevine be without an article promoting composting? Our website lists a few good websites to learn about composting. One of them is Growing Power.

One of America’s most famous urban gardening heroes is a former professional basketball player and P&G marketer: Will Allen. A 2008 recipient of the prestigious Mac-Arthur Genius Fellowship, he co-founded Growing Power to promote urban farming and better food quality in the inner city of Milwaukee. He particularly preaches the value of composting recycled food waste (from grocery stores), farm waste, newspapers, brewery waste, and coffee grinds, and using worms (aka vermicomposting).

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