Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bexley Area Community Gardens Share Resources

Faithful readers will recall that two weeks ago, I described how the SACG had been blessed with an abundance of Botanical Interests seeds donated by a wonderful lady in my church knitting group. I offered to share those seeds with any other community garden once the SACG gardeners had been given an opportunity to take their pick of what they would need for their own plots. Only one garden took me up on my offer: The Bexley Community Garden. Barb contacted me and offered a trade. She had been dividing perennial flowers at her own home and would give me black-eyed susan, blue beard and Shasta daisy flowers for our front flower bed. Considering that Barb graduated last year from OSU's Master Gardening Program, I knew these would be great flowers and they were. I just couldn't believe how much there was. It more than filled the SACG utility cart (as you can see from the picture). The BCG gardeners are lucky to have her looking out for them. She spent 45 minutes perusing our enormous seed collection while sipping wine with me on my patio. (Obviously, this was before the current freeze warning;)

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